Muse Ø84 Multi function Track Light

SKU: LUT-TLO010-31

Muse Ø84 Multi function Track Light

SKU: LUT-TLO010-31
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Transform any environment with the Muse Ø84 Multi-function Track Light, the ultimate lighting solution that adapts to a variety of settings, from home galleries to retail spaces and small museums. This sophisticated track light features on-board color temperature adjustment from a warm 3000K to a crisp 6000K, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Equipped with an adjustable beam angle ring, the Muse Ø84 provides the flexibility to shift focus seamlessly from broad illumination to concentrated lighting, perfect for highlighting artworks or enhancing specific areas of a room. The integrated dimming function allows for further customization of lighting levels, ensuring optimal visibility and mood setting in any space.

Control each fixture individually to either light up a room uniformly or accentuate specific objects, making it an indispensable tool for both general and targeted lighting applications. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a home gallery, add flair to retail displays, or bring focus to exhibits in a small museum, the Muse Ø84 Multi-function Track Light offers precision, control, and aesthetic versatility.

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Muse Ø84 Multi function Track Light
Muse Ø84 Multi function Track Light
Muse Ø84 Multi function Track Light
Muse Ø84 Multi function Track Light

Product Specification

TYPE: Track mounted adjustable projector
Light Source: 20W dedicated LED array, non-replaceable
Color Temperature: Built-in color temperature adjustment from 3000K to 6000K.
Optic: 20W :10~60° / 25~60°
Body: Die cast aluminum adjustable projector body and head assembly, with a powder coat paint finish, fitted with a color matched engineering plastic 3 circuit track adapter
Finish: White, Black
Lumen Package: 20W 3000K CRI90 1680lm
SDCM /L 70 B10: < 3/ 50,000 hours
Projector head: 20W:84(Dia.)x147(H) mm
Height: 147mm
Width: 84mm
IP: 20
Weight: 1Kg
Adjustability: 350˚ horizontal, 90˚ vertical
Dimmable: Features a built-in 0-10V dimmer on the fixture.
Driver: Integral driver