Selene Stretch Wall Lamp


Selene Stretch Wall Lamp

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The Selene Stretch Wall Lamp, a captivating masterpiece of modern design, showcases premium stainless steel and acrylic craftsmanship. With its sleek and elegant construction, it adds sophistication to any space. Customizable colors allow you to harmonize with your decor or make a bold statement, while its versatility suits both homes and commercial areas. Experience the soothing glow of the Selene Stretch Wall Lamp, enhancing the ambiance of any room with grace and style. Join us on a journey of captivating elegance as we explore the brilliance of this lighting marvel, transforming spaces with its timeless charm and radiance.

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Selene Stretch Wall Lamp
Selene Stretch Wall Lamp
Selene Stretch Wall Lamp

Product Specification

Product Code:LUW1931A- 1A

Dimension: L134*W134*H900mm

Power & Light Source: LED Build in 8W

Lumens: 90lm per Wattage

standard warm white is 3000K. For custom color temperatures, an additional
charge of 10% will apply.

Dimmable Options: Standard configuration includes non-dimmable
functionality. For Triac dimming or DALI dimming capabilities, a remote driver
installation is required. Additional costs will apply.

Material: Crafted with stainless steel and acrylic

Finish:Rose Gold, Brushed Rose Gold, Titanium Gold,
Brushed Gold, Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Black, Metallic Black,
and custom colours available with an additional 10% cost.

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12 weeks

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