How to place orders online

As you browse our site, you can add the items you like to your shopping cart. When you are ready, click on your shopping cart icon and follow the instructions to complete your order.

You can register online with your main details to complete your order. This will allow the store to process our order quickly and easily. However, we will not use this information for any other purposes except processing and completing your order. You can also just use guest

All prices listed on this website include GST and are in Australian dollars. Online shopping is only available to customers within Australia. We welcome product enquires from overseas, please contact our sales team via email on [email protected]  and we will investigate and advise the possibility of supply.


Delivery and Payment methods 

For your convenience, Lucretia Lighting offers three delivery and payment options. These are:

a) Pay Online and Home Delivery - free shipping Australia-wide

b) Pay Online and Pick Up In-Store or warehouse

You will be able to choose between these options during the checkout process - see details below. 


Express Checkout

From a single page you can complete the following steps:

1. Provide your billing address

2. Provide your shipping address (you can choose to make this the same as your billing address)

3. Choose your delivery method. Lucretia Lighting offers two delivery options, these are a) have your order delivered by courier or b) pick up your order from Burwood warehouse.

4. Choose your payment method. If you are having your order delivered, you may pay by credit card (see below for the credit cards Lucretia Lighting accepts online), Bank deposit, or with a Lucretia Lighting gift card. If you are picking up your order in store, you also need pay online using the previous methods.

5.  Review your order, read and agree to the Terms of Service, and place order. You will receive an order confirmation email, and we will process your order and contact you within 48 hours in regards to your order. That's it!


Lucretia Lighting accepts the following credit cards for online purchases:

The charge will appear on your credit card statement as a debit by: Lucretia Lighting.

Lucretia Lighting also offers Bank deposit enabling you to make online payments without sharing your credit card information.


The Lucretia Lighting Shopping Cart uses the certified Eway Online Payment Gateway. Eway encrypts all transaction details before sending them across the internet, so the details of the message cannot be seen by anyone except Eway 's Payment Server. Eway uses a 128-bit digital server certificate provided by VeriSign™. This level of encryption is currently considered realistically unbreakable.


Alternatively, online shoppers without a credit card can order online and pay upon pick up in our warehouse.