In-Home Residential Consultant

In-Home Residential Consultant

If you are building, renovating or looking to do a serious re-vamp of your home and don’t know where to start on the lighting, Lucretia Lighting can help!

Lighting is often the last feature to be added or changed in a space, and it can be difficult to navigate the best lighting for your space. Our lighting showroom offers a wide variety of choices, but it can be hard to imagine a product in your space. Finding time out of your day can also be a challenge, and you may require a more personalised, time-friendly service.

We are excited to offer our clients a personalised lighting consultation service for your residential space. A sales member will visit at a time convenient for you and offer a tailor-made lighting plant to suit your needs and personal style. Lucretia has a wide range of lights, with products available for every area of the home including exterior lighting; we can provide an end-to-end lighting service and have your home shining bright in no time.

Our residential consultancy fee is $199 and fully redeemable on products.