ICY Rings LED Crystal Pendant light Replica

ICY Rings LED Crystal Pendant light Replica

ICY Rings LED Crystal Pendant light Replica

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Product Code:LUP-ICY
Dimension: 40cm,50cm,60cm,70cm,80cm,100cm
Power & Light Source: LED Build in,40cm(11W),50cm(14W),60cm(17W),70cm(19W),80cm(23W),100cm(28W)
Colour Temperature:3000K,4000K
Dimmable: No
Size: Small combination :40cm +50cm+60cm+70cm ,Large Combination :40cm +50cm+60cm+70cm+80cm+100cm
Material: Metal
Color: Black
The very cool Halo ICY Rings inspired by a design by Manooi,This LED Crystal pendant light combines a modern LED light source with high quality crystals, with the light being directed outwards along the curve of the pendant. Every crystal is carefully assembled by hand, and are designed to emulate small branches, that emerge like light beams. To get the best look, we recommend choosing the pre-set combinations, which are available in a small combination (4 rings) and large combination (6 rings). However, single rings or other combinations are available (as well as a verical cascade) - please contact us for pricing.
This light is only available in 4000k, as this is the best colour temperature to show the true-colour of the crystals.
Lucretia Lighting’s products are not manufactured or developed by, or affiliated with, the original designers or manufacturers including, Manooi

Product code:LUP-ICY

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