Commercial Consultancy Services


Lucretia Lighting’s has an extensive range of commercial lights. For the high-end shopping centre or warehouse that requires long lasting LEDs through to multi-level apartment buildings, our range of strip lighting and architectural linear lights have you covered. Our focus on designer lighting means you can speak with our commercial consultants to ensure your job is not only practical but beautiful as well.

Our commercial range is on a per-project basis; get in touch to have one of our commercial consultant quote you today.



Lucretia can upgrade and enhance existing buildings with its Lighting Upgrade Service. Lucretia will take you through a four-step process:

1. Assessment - Lucretia will visit your premises to compile a report which details where improvements can be made to your current lighting design which considers energy efficiency and installation requirements.

2. Design - Following your approval of our report and quote, Lucretia will generate a new lighting design which takes into account the previously found improvements to your energy efficiency and lux requirements.

3. Installation - Lucretia will use their own reputable electricians to facilitate the installation of your new lighting schedule. Working with our on-site interior designers who helped produce the schedule, the team will ensure your new fittings are true to our original vision.

4. Ongoing service – Lucretia offers a standard five year warranty on all commercial products. We pride ourselves on our after-sale care. We are able to supply specialist globes and provide ongoing maintenance of your new light fixtures to ensure the longevity of your new design.