Company Profile


Lucretia Lighting was founded in 2011 with the mission to provide Australian consumers affordable, internationally acclaimed lighting designs.

Lucretia Lighting has grown rapidly into an in-demand contender in the commercial lighting industry, we have completed over 5000 projects internationally - in Europe and the Americas as well as at home in Australia/New Zealand.

Lucretia wants to use its significant influence in designer and commercial lighting to grow the Australian design industry. We want to give up-and-coming Australian designers the platform to have their designs globally distributed, to make Australia a leader in practical and beautiful lighting design.

Lucretia's business stands on three fundamental pillars:
Australian Design - Provide a platform for Australian designers to access the international lighting market, to grow Australia as a leader in international lighting design.
Commercial Projects - Provide holistic, end-to-end lighting design services which marry commercial lighting with beautiful design, from conception to installation.
Expert Service - Provide expert, considered and detailed service which marries the functional necessities of commercial lighting with inspiring beautiful design.



Lucretia Lighting exists to grow Australia into a leader in lighting design by offering a platform for up-and-coming designers to access international markets. We exist to pioneer a new vision for lighting design which marries the functional necessities of commercial projects with beautiful design - ushering a new paradigm for lighting design in Australia and abroad.